3 Cheap Vodka Ideas To Pay Attention

Does a good vodka have to be expensive? And what is expensive anyway? Or to put it another way: Can you really get a good bottle of vodka for 15 dollars? To answer these questions, we compared some comparatively cheap vodka. You can find out in the tests whether the spirits can keep what the advertising promises. So that as much as possible everyone can use this, we deliberately only tested those vodka brands that are available almost everywhere in the world. However, we also had to pay attention to the manufacturing process. So we left out the very cheap vodka, as well as the even cheaper own brands of the well-known discounters.

Absolut Vodka

Anyone who describes vodka as the purest of all spirits and therefore does not expect much independence in terms of smell and taste has come to the right place with Absolut Vodka! This vodka was almost neutral, only a hint of citrus fruit and a barely perceptible grain note can be noted. In terms of taste, vodka lovers cannot expect a firework of flavors here. Absolut Vodka is mild, soft and largely neutral. It is therefore suitable for almost every occasion. If you taste it exactly, you will recognize slight nuances of citrus fruits and a slight hint of pepper in the finish.

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Russian Standard Vodka

As the first Russian in the test, Russian Standard does not show any nakedness. A vodka with rough edges that knows how to provoke and not everyone likes it. While some experts classify it as artificial and musty, others recommend it as a character and powerful. The fact is: the Russian Standard was rather subtle, relatively neutral and without any audible character. This impression changed during the taste test. We found the Russian Standard strong on the tongue, but a bit dimensional without any other flavors that only develop over time. A slightly musty aftertaste did not want to evaporate even after a few sips. Where by it sells great.

Vodka Parliament

At first we were quite taken with the smell. The vodka smells strong, tart and clearly of grain. Experts can smell dried fruits. The disappointment followed on the palate: Vodka Parliament tasted bitter, dull and not very pleasant. You look for freshness in vain, but the vodka is reminiscent of cold smoke and ash in the finish. Few fans will get their money’s worth with this vodka

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