4 Benefits Of Google Webmaster Tools

If you run a website, you actually have to register with Webmaster Tools. Because registering with Webmaster Tools has many advantages that we would like to explain to you.

You might have heard of it before, but maybe you haven’t. What the Google Webmaster used to be is now the main search. This is a free web offered by Google. With the help of Webmaster Tools, page owners can then get details about their own site that is otherwise undetectable. This data is, for example, a look at links that are made from other sites to your own page. In addition to this variant, the tools are also a very good way so that webmasters can communicate with each other. In order for a website to have access to the Tools, however, it must confirm that it is the owner of the domain. After this confirmation it is possible to use the Webmaster Tools.


Website Notifications

Often there are issues with a site that you notice very late or not at all. For example, it is possible that your website has a large amount  of dead links, which is hacked with a malware or  is no longer accessible because the hosting server has given up. In these and many other cases, you will not only receive a notification in the Google Webmaster, but also a notification.

Webmaster Tools

Most Frequent Searches And Visits

Google Webmaster shows you the most frequent search terms under which your page is searched for and accessed. In contrast to analysis, you still have an insight on Google, the impressions and the rate of clicks.

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The Most Frequently Viewed Pages

Not only the search terms under which your site is found are important, but also the subpages that rank for the corresponding keywords. Exactly this data can be found under search queries in the most frequent websites. You can use this data to further search pages for certain keywords or to focus your building measures on certain searches.

Influence The Display In The Search

In addition to the title, description and URL, a search result can also contain other details, which contain additional attention and thus attract more visitors to the site.


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