Action Movies On Netflix

Fast-paced action movies where you hardly find time to breathe. The plot is rather secondary. But even if the plot turns out to be a bit flat, that doesn’t bother with good tough action. On the contrary: In a really good action movie, the plot is straightforward and gets straight to the point. Of course, an action movie also includes a tough hero or a tough heroine who takes care of the essentials Of course, it can also be a team.  In our opinion, these are the best action movies that Netflix currently has to offer;


The Equalizer

The hardware store employee Robert McCall (Washington) cannot sleep well. At night he often sits in a diner and reads. He befriends the young prostitute Teri (Moretz), who is actually called Alina. When her Russian pimp beats her to hospital, he tries politely to buy the young woman free all of his savings. The pimp refuses – very rude! Serious mistake, as McCall was an agent in his previous life.

John Wick: Chapter 2

After John Wick has completed his campaign of revenge in the first movie – he wants to return to his well deserved retirement. But then suddenly his former colleague Santino stands in front of the door and demands a favor with a blood coin. The rules of the killer guild force Wick to redeem the favor.

Project Power

A mysterious new pill that is said to give superpowers that are different for everyone is making a name for itself on the streets of New Orleans. The catch, however, is that you don’t know more until you’ve taken it. So while some can become invulnerable, invisible, or strong, others can be deadly. The policeman Frank works with the young dealer Robin to get at the backers. But then suddenly the uncompromising ex-soldier Art appears and grabs Robin. He also has the backers in his sights, but approaches the matter a little more bloody.


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