Are you looking for a new digital sign for your takeaway business?

Digital Menu Boards use eye-catching and animated menus that help you to sell your special products and increase your sales in an easy way.

Create dynamic and attractive digital menu boards that will move your takeaway shop to the next level.

Today in the UK, the prices change very quickly and increasing due to covid-19 and Brexit, HGV driver and, the global stock crisis.

Digital Menu Boards easy way to update the prices in your takeaway shop. You are always paying money to make a new sign or scribbling your current menus to update your prices. With ScreenMoove you can instantly update your prices, add or remove products, whenever and wherever you want.

When a new product arrives in your takeaway or either you do not want to sell a product, it is now very easy to remove it from your digital menu in your shop.


Digital menus have a lot of benefits for takeaway shops, these advantages are as follows;

– Automatically day-part your menu offerings into your chosen day-parts / schedule menu.

– Eye-catching and mouth-watering dynamic video to make your products stand out and sell.

– Change your creative, pricing, and menu offerings remotely, easily, and in minutes.

– Influence your customers’ decision-making at the moment of choice.

– Increase customer ticket sales by cross-selling and up-selling.

– Easily test your promotions and price points.

– Display nutritional information requirements.

– Decrease or eliminate your print and distribution costs, together with staff costs associated with physically changing posters.

– Auto turn on and turn off schedule your running hours and save energy.

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If you want to install digital menu boards to your takeaway shop you can order online from here: and contact us to arrange an installation date nationwide in the UK.


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February 27, 2024

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