Best Gift For New Mom

There are many birth gift ideas, but mostly they are things for the baby. This post, on the other hand, is about specific birth gifts for the mother. After all, the new mom has put a lot of hardships behind her. Of course she is also happy about things for the baby, but if you are looking for gifts that will help the young mum to relax, to settle in well in the new phase of life or just to make someone happy, then you have landed on the right place.


Really Nice Pyjamas

There’s no question: It isn’t about looking good or style. The young mother probably only walks around in sweatpants and comfortable shirts anyway. But it doesn’t always have to be the washed-out baggy things. The new mum will certainly be happy about a really nice, comfortable pair of pajamas. For example, made of flannel or pure cotton. Because who doesn’t know it – when we feel listless and drained, comfortable clothes help us to relax and switch off. Look for pajamas that can be unbuttoned at the front – this makes breastfeeding easier.

Best Gift For New Mom
Best Gift For New Mom

A Cleaning Voucher

Speaking of household, one of the perfect birth gifts for a mother is a cleaning voucher. Either you organize and pay for a household help or you simply do the cleaning in the small apartment yourself. You’re sure to make everyone very happy, because a cleaned and tidy apartment ensures well-being and makes the cuddling hours in childbirth more beautiful.

A Large Snack Box

Breastfeeding makes you hungry, and sleep deprivation: the new everyday life with a baby often means that the young mum’s stomach empties faster than she can heat up a microwave dish. That’s why a big box with good snacks is a really good idea. Oat bars, nuts, fruits, smoothies: all of this helps to give mum enough energy for the new daily routine.

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A Feel-Good Package

New mums can use all sorts of smart little helpers in childbirth to make them feel better about their bodies and well-being. So why not put together a small care package? The feel-good package for new mothers could contain the following things:

  • vitamins and a nice tea
  • Cherry pit pillow or hot water bottle
  • a body oil 
  • an herbal recovery spray for birth injuries
  • beautiful LED candles


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