Best Motorhome Rental in Fuerteventura

If you want to enjoy the freedom of camping with a motorhome in Fuerteventura, you can easily rent a motorhome fuerteventura at caravamos. This is possible within Europe and worldwide. Whether it’s a motorhome, caravan: camper lovers can rent the vehicle of their choice on the website. Simply enter the starting point, the date and the duration of the trip in the search mask, choose the right  holiday motorhome and look forward to the planned adventure. The vehicles come from the private rental company Caravamos, which makes the camping holiday much cheaper. Depending on the provider, you can also take your four-legged friend with you.


Anyone traveling in a motorhome in Fuerteventura enjoys the best of absolute freedom. If you like a place, it becomes an uncomplicated place to stay for the next two days. Fuerteventura is surrounded on all sides by the ocean, with an annual average water temperature of 18 degrees. The Atlantic is rough on the coast, and the high waves attract windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world. In the south and east, there are mainly holidaymakers who enjoy the miles of fine sandy beaches. On the east coast, the mountains fall steeply into the sea, in front of the north coast, long stretched dunes impress. The uninhabited island is an attractive destination with its reserve, clear water and dune park. Camping in Fuerteventura is suitable for holidaymakers with an adventurous spirit who love to be close to nature. There are several public and private sites on the island, which impress with their beautiful place by the sea. You won’t find any luxury sites here. On the other hand, campers on Fuerteventura enjoy the freedom to camp for up to 2 days wherever it is not expressly forbidden.

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Advantages of Caravamos


  • Panel Van


Rent a van in Fuerteventura! Discover these adventurous vans for the whole family. Our vans have a bed, a kitchen and often a small bathroom.


  • For A Couple Trip


For a couple holiday in motorhome Fuerteventura, it is good to rent a smaller motorhome. Discover our selection of vehicles for 2 people for a romantic van life


  • Rent A Motorhome With A Dog


Discover our selection of that allow pets in Fuerteventura. It’s hard to part with your four-legged companions! The motorhome is an great opportunity to travel with your pets, they will feel at home.

February 27, 2024

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