Best Things To Do With Caravan Van In Fuerteventura

Not everything is irrelevant in Spain and everyone does what they want, as is the norm in other countries. A lot is clearly regulated and if there are rules, they are strictly enforced. There are no warnings. A hefty fine is immediately hailed. A discussion with law enforcement officers, as is part of everyday life in Spain or Europe, immediately leads to the opposite, as it is viewed as a violation. Other things, on the other hand, are amazingly not regulated at all. Then everyone can do whatever they want. For example, just drive up a mountain with the cross, which would never occur to another citizen. Other countries other manners. Camping on the Canary Islands, on the other hand, is strictly regulated. Where not expressly permitted, it is prohibited.

The island governments, enumerate the places on their web pages. The list can be found on the caravan fuerteventura web pages. They have nothing to do with campsites in the continental sense. Usually there is only one leveled area, water and electricity are rarely provided. However, a period of 7 days may be stood without a break. After that, you have to leave the parking space. The second stage is the one in which a carnet is required, the environmental agency, which is always located in the capital, issues free of charge on the island. It limits the parking time to three days and is issued for the Isla de Lobos.


Compared to well known holiday destinations on mainland, caravan fuerteventura is still a little bit of an adventure. Islands like Tenerife or Fuerteventura are actually more known for package holidaymakers who stay in accommodations and escape the winter in the continent. Nevertheless, there are now campsites on a number of the eight islands. There are no private caravan areas on Fuerteventura, only the official sites in Punta Salinas. Here too, a prior reservation with the island administration is necessary, after which you can spend up to 1 week free of charge on the site.An option to the lengthy journey from Europe with your own vehicle is to rent a motorhome on page. In Fuerteventura, there are a number of providers who rent motorhomes and vans from as little as 50 euros per day. In relation with the cheap flights from Europe, this can definitely be the cheaper variant.

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Usually, if you camp in the Canary Islands, you should not expect every package. The equipment of the places is mostly rather basic. Complete- offers with a leisure and children’s entertainment, as known from Spain, are the exception here. The official pitches usually have electricity, water and a nice spot in the sun. Campers are responsible for the rest.


Advantages of Caravamos


But that is exactly what makes a camping holiday on the Fuerteventura so appealing: caravan fuerteventura is great. Here you actually feel something of the much-vaunted freedom and independence. The Canary Islands are therefore a great paradise, especially for individualists and self-sufficient campers.Visit for more details and prepare yourself for the best adventure.

February 27, 2024

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