Bride Make-Up Ideas To Try In 2021

Wedding is something very special. Nothing can go wrong with such an important event. The catering is selected, the location is decorated, the dress has been approved by the closest friends and now only the bride Make-Up has to fit. Whether natural nude tones or playful, colorful colors – there is no specific guide for each type. It is important that you feel good.

Bride Make-Up


The Complexion Is An Important Factor For Bride Make-Up Ideas

For fear that the skin might not look perfect enough on photos, a bride’s complexion is often primed with too much foundation. If you suffer from pigmentation or blemishes, cover them with concealer in advance. Then the foundation can be quite light. Too much looks not only older, but is also unnecessary. Light skin gloss or one or two spots can be retouched on the computer by any photographer.

Hair Accessories Decide The Outlook

Bride make-up ideas with flower arrangements in the hair should coordinate well at the wedding. Eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick can wonderfully reflect the colors of the flowers. If, for example, a tiara is planned as an accessory that sets sparkling highlights in the hair, the wedding make-up does not need so many shimmering elements.

Use The Right Highlights In Eye Make-Up

Bride make-up ideas with too much drama takes the focus off the bridal gown. Eye catching styles are recommended for wedding make-up therefore only in exceptional cases. If the bride also likes to wear heavily painted eyes in everyday life, she should not let this ban on the wedding. Important: Dark highlights can also be applied discreetly and not too expansively. And best of all by a professional with products that do not smudge so easily. Because if you as a bride shed a few tears or sweat at the party, you get very quickly smeared eyes. The contrast to the usually bright, if not snow white wedding dress would be too hard. Bright eyeshadows in pink, beige and gold tones always go for it.

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