Essential English Country House Decoration Ideas

The English country house decoration – what are we thinking of? Definitely a country house or a small castle where afternoon tea is drunk! Flowers, cups, very beautiful velvet chairs with curved armrests and so on. We’ll show you some decorating secrets that will make your home like an English country house.


How The English Country House Decor Works

The English country house decor is divided by class and attention to detail. Would you like your home to embody this style? Then you should pay attention to a few essential decoration ideas. If you want to properly implement this style, which is common for an English cottage, you should consider the following:

country house decoration

Wallpaper Is A Must

One of the most important aspects of creating this decor is wallpaper. It is important to remember to choose wallpapers with a beautiful floral pattern that give a room a great touch. Possibilities to this are wallpapers with dark stripes, which are suitable for rooms such as the kitchen or living room. You can even use different structures and patterns.

Wooden Furniture

Another aspect that should not be missing in the English country house. It is best to have light wood furniture that has been handcrafted so that it looks as antique as possible. In the dining room you can set up a long dining table that can seat many guests. In the kitchen there should be a sideboard or a cupboard with an open front view so that the accessoires placed in it are visible. You can set up a four poster bed in the bedroom and a side table in the living room on which you can place a tea set. This way you feel the English country house decor in every room.

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A Fireplace For The Living Room

Nowadays there is not room for a beautiful fireplace in every house, but if you should have enough space for it, you should definitely not do without this must have of the English country house. With this furnishing style, a fireplace is even the heart of the room. The sofa, tables and armchairs are placed around the fireplace.

A Chandelier As A Ceiling Lamp

The room lighting can be very useful to let the room shine in a light in the truest sense of the word. But also to create a certain style. In the case of the English country house, chandeliers are used as ceiling lamps, as we find them in castles or in large halls.

Flowers Everywhere You Look

In order to let a living room, dining room, kitchen or any other room shine in the English country house, flowers should of course not be missing. As we have already mentioned above, this also includes flower patterns, such as on wallpaper and the sofa, but also on cushions, carpets and curtains.


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