Garden Maintenance For Enthusiasts

Garden maintenance is a wonderful passion for many people. Houses with their own gardens are timeless, as they offer a variety of designs. Relax in your own green after a busy day, maybe even harvest fruit in summer and garnish the lovingly prepared meals with freshly cut herbs? In England for example, this is part of everyday life for more and more people. Those who like it colorful start laying the foundation stone for seas of flowers in the coming spring with nice garden maintenance. With the right design and care, you can also create an oasis of calm from small lawns, in which your own garden bench should not be missing.


The Right Maintenance For The Most Beautiful Gardens

Of course, you can’t do without work. Garden maintenance only stops in winter. In all other seasons, the right moves at the right time ensure that the garden remains healthy. It starts with the garden planning. Garden owners should therefore first ask themselves whether they would like to divide their garden into a BBQ area or playground. What about gardening? It differs depending on the season.

Garden Maintenance In Spring

From April it will be time for garden maintenance again. The most important measures now are:

Scarify the lawn, mulching, cut ornamental grasses, plant tubers for example. As soon as it gets warmer, the pumps in wells can be put back into operation. Now it’s time to cut the roses and mow the lawn for the first time. The grass should be at least 5 cm high. Seeds are now allowed in the earth.

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Garden maintenance

The Garden In Summer

If the temperatures rise, the lawn and plants have to be watered additionally. There is also a lot to do: Check plants for pests, fruit picking begins, cut the lawn, cut faded roses and so on.

The Garden In Autumn

In autumn, gardening is the preparation for winter. For garden owners, this means that they now have to roll up their sleeves again. Part of gardening is to think about beneficial insects. Piles of brushwood with leaves will help you. A very tidy garden without opportunities to retreat is unsuitable as a living space, especially for animal pests. The main work in autumn should be completed before the first frost: Dig up bulbs that are not winter-proof, cut diseased branches now, harvest and cut back herbs and harvest late vegetables. If you want to create your garden now, you should refrain from digging it up. The soil is already prepared for winter. Digging up takes the earth’s livelihoods away. The handling of leaves is much discussed. Nature definitely benefits when part of the foliage remains. But this does not apply to all trees. The leaves should not remain on the grass, otherwise it will not get enough air. Leaves that rot badly should also be collected. Garden lovers make sure not to start too late with gardening in preparation for winter. If winter comes earlier, cut back the branches damage. If time is of the essence, trees and bushes can also be cut in spring. However, they are not allowed to drift yet.

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The Garden In Winter

In the cold days, garden maintenance is suspended. This does not apply to emergency measures, as they may be indicated in the event of heavy snowfall. Then plants have to be freed from snow masses. The gardener also uses the winter to maintain his garden tools, because they will be used again in a few weeks. Late winter is also a great time to grow the useful plants in the house.


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