Gothic 3 Cheats Codes

The unique combat game has made the platforms very popular. As expected, this is the second part and the third which has been finally arrived. And it remains a trend for up to ten years after the release of the last one of the series. Of course, there are now much more elaborate, exciting role-playing games. They have vast open worlds, deep character development. Of course, much nicer to do everything on their own, without the help of tips. But sometimes players just can’t do that.

How To Enter The Cheat Codes For The Game?

So now you can enter cheat codes for the game Gothic 3. But how exactly can this be done? Fortunately, in this case, the developers did not invent any special networks that would be difficult to use. The procedure of introducing the regulation of cheating in this project is the same as equipped in many PC games.

After typing the code, confirm the system by pressing the Enter key. Immediately after that the selected code will take effect, the code of which is ensured. You can repeat the procedure any number of times. And now the game has to rearrange all the files in that way. Then you can enjoy the procedure 100%, because you no longer know the ropes, how to enter cheats in Gothic 3. Now is the time to find out exactly what you can achieve this way.

Gothic 3 Cheats Codes
Gothic 3 Cheats Codes

To unlock the following codes, the configuration file Gothic III\Ini\ge3.ini must be opened with an editor and the following line;

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First activate the console as described above. There you can use the following commands to make objects appear spawn or place them in your inventory and learn skills. The correct commands are: There are also animal cheats that can be conjured up with Spawn, for example Spawn Bloodfly then a blood fly appears. Thanks to the cheat code “idkfa” you get 100 each of weapons, armor, potions, spells and much more. Spawn SH makes the commander appear and “goto” jumps immediately to it.


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