How Do I Report Someone After Game Valorant?

Valorant can be a fun and exciting game where players work together to outwit and defeat their enemies. Teamwork and communication are required to be successful and it can be difficult to find teammates who are willing to work together. Sometimes players are intentionally disruptive, ruining the experience for everyone else.

How To Report A Player?

The good news is that these games penalize these players when other people report them for inappropriate behavior. Knowing how to report players in Valorant can be confusing for newbies, but it only takes a few clicks. To report a player in Valorant, press the escape key during gameplay to open the menu. Next to each name you will see a scoreboard of all players and a report section. Press the button to open the report where you can select a reason for the report and write a short message informing the developers about the incident.

You can also report players after the game. Open the Career tab and select the game where you encountered the player. Select the report variant to bring up the same menu that appears during a game.

Added a new option to report players in the agent screen before the game starts. Just hover over their names and click the report opportunity to let them know they’re disrupting before the game starts. Don’t let negative players ruin your Valorant knowledge. Report any player who spoils the fun to ensure they receive appropriate punishment. Is there any feedback that the request is out? It’s hidden. If you enter the info incorrectly, you will not get immediate feedback at the point where the addition takes place.

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In the meantime, however, at least one patch has been installed that introduced a note that is displayed on the left in the chat manual. The system then reports in the messaging whether you have added the relevant person. Pay attention if the conversation is hidden. Or ideally, ask your friends outside of the game if they actually got your friendship request. Things are a little easier if you also play other games from Riot ones. If you play League of Legends avidly and your friends can also be found there, then you can add them more easily.

Because the friends list is also displayed in Valorant under the Other Games tab. Once your friends have registered for the Valorant, you can then right-click to add them to the game. Your friends aren’t in the beta yet? Then have a look at our blog on the background of the drops and the beta registration in the game.


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