How To Change Playlist Picture On Spotify

You can customize your Spotify playlists to the image. How to change the picture, we explain here. Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services and allows you to get a high degree of control over the way you experience your music. This also includes the picture for your playlists in the application. The cover can easily change both in the smartphone  as well as in the desktop version of Spotify.

By default, Spotify uses the first album covers of the songs as a playlist image. This may be more meaningful enough for smaller playlist compositions, with larger playlists extending over different genres, you can only start with such a playlist cover. In this case, you can also determine your own picture as a playlist cover.

Own Playlist Cover – What You Need To Know

In contrast to changing the Spotify name, which is only possible on the smartphone, changing a playlist image is currently only possible on the PC. The setting can only be found in the desktop or the Spotify player. However, if you change a playlist image on the PC, it will be stored and can also be seen later on the smartphone or tablet. As a playlist cover, you should use created graphics or copyright-free images that do not damage brand or copyright rights. In addition, uploading images that are offensive or inappropriate is not allowed. If you want to keep your Spotify account, you should therefore use a degree of reason when choosing your own playlist images.


Open the Spotify application on your smartphone and select a desired playlist there. Make sure the selected playlist has been created by you. Cover of public playlists cannot be changed by you, but only by the creator. There, then tap the top right of the three-point menu to open the other functions for the playlist. Then select “Select Photo” to see a picture from your gallery, or to “Record Photo” to create a picture. You will then receive a preview of your picture. Tap to “Use Photo” at the bottom. Connecting to “Save” to save the changes to your playlist. The image is then successfully changed.

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