How To Change Your Fortnite Name On PS4

With countless skins, gliders and other specific items, Fortnite gives you plenty of chances to express yourself and stand out from the gray monotony. Few, however, represent you better than your name. And while you can vary the visual frills at any time with just a few moves, changing your own display name is a little more difficult – especially if you’re playing on PS4. 

Two things are particularly important. For one thing, keep in mind that you can only change your name once every two weeks. Epic wants to prevent the abuse of this tool. This period was even half a year. Another special feature: The display name you have chosen does not only apply to Fortnite, but to all of the developer’s games.

Can I Change My Fortnite Name On PS4?

Clear answer is yes. There is and this point is hugely important ,at least no official way to change your display name on PS4. This is due to the closed network of console. There your name is always linked to your PSN account and largely unchangeable. Nevertheless, there are ways to challenge this reason.

How To Change Your Fortnite Name On PS4
How To Change Your Fortnite Name On PS4

PS4 players even have an official one, one that is subject to a fee: On Microsoft, it is possible to change your own gamertag for the not exactly small fee of around ten dollars. You can do this yourself both in the browser and on the console. But keep in mind that the new name will not only be used for Fortnite, but for all games and movements on your PS4 without exception. This would already exhaust the opportunities supported by the manufacturer. However, according to reports from some PS4 players, there seems to be some kind of loophole that works identically on both places. Before you find out how to use it below, here’s a warning: Since Epic Games sees this way as a valid possibility for changing your name, there is no guarantee that the change will be error-free. In the worst case, you can even lose all Fortnite procedure. If you still want to risk it, you should proceed as follows:

  • Go to your Epic Games account as described above and change your name under private information.
  • Click on connected Accounts in the section on the left.
  • Now select your network and remove your PSN. You have to click all the boxes in the pop-up window and then confirm your decision again.
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