How To Copy My Instagram Profile Link

If anyone wants to find and copy their own Instagram profile link, all they have to do is remember how they are constructed. And you can quickly copy them to other profiles in the application. So if you want to share your account link, combine the official page with the username. You may have to pay attention to underscores, which at first glance look like spaces.

How To Find Your Instagram Profile Link On Your Smartphone

  1. Open the Instagram application on your smartphone
  2. Open your profile page by tapping your image in the bottom right corner of the bar
  3. Make a note of your username at the top of the page or write it down somewhere
  4. Now open your phone’s browser and enter your Instagram profile link according to the template mentioned earlier

Instagram Profile Link

How To Change Your Instagram Profile Link

Changing your Instagram profile link is as easy as changing your username as both involve the same feature. If you run an Instagram page for your brand or place of business, then you may want to change it for a rebrand or to make it more appealing to your followers. You may also want to change your profile link to make it easier for people to find you. Specific characters and underscores might look great on your account, but people will have a hard time remembering them.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find your own profile link on a phone. You have to put this together yourself. To do this, copy the excerpt link and paste your username behind it. This way you will create links to all accounts as long as you know the exact username. Optionally, you can of course call up your own profile with another one and copy them using the trick described above. You can also find the three points for copying the link in posts. This is how you send interesting blogs or beautiful images to your followers quickly and easily. We will also show you how to change the font and which Instagram application you can use to post even more beautiful pics.

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