How To Cross Out Text In Discord

Discord has become the world’s leading chat server, allowing gamers, business people and many groups of people to chat online using voice and text. Discord works on a server where each group can have their own little world, with unique rules, bots for adding flavor, membersand much more. Although the service is heavily focused on voice chat so that players can coordinate their game, the chat portion is also rich and featured. I’m going to show you how to add formatting to your text using Discord’s support for the text function.

Discord uses the Markdown system, a system of specifying a text string that converts codes to HTML for rendering in a browser. Basically, users can just enter plain text as well as the codes (which aren’t complicated or lengthy), which creates a variety of effects for the person entering the message. Markdown is written in Perl, a very famous online programming. The main idea behind Markdown is that it is easier to use than HTML when it comes to producing the same functions and without having to deal with opening and closing tags.


There Are A Number Of Markdown Options

You add one or more special characters before and after the text you want to change. Setting before activates the setting after it deactivates the effect. You enter the codes into the Discord window and the output that everyone else (and you) see in the chat window is the text.

Cross Out Text In Discord

Insert Blank Lines

If you’re typing a long text and want to break it up into paragraphs, Shift + Enter can be used to create a blank line somewhere in your comment.

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Use Blocks Of Code

While markup does not have a feature that allows you to quote another user, there is a workaround with the Codeblock feature. You can use the code block feature to highlight code in the text. While this isn’t a quote in the strict sense of the word, you can create text that is v eye-catching because it’s a different font.

You can create a line block of code using the heavy accented “` “character to the left of the 1 on most keyboards. If you include text in the grave mark, it will appear differently in the chat text. While markup is powerful, there are a lot of things you just can’t do. However, this should give you a chance to brighten up your text chats a bit.


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