How To Know If You’re In Love

How do I know that I’m in love? Often the reason for the question is quite simple. Most women who ask this question have never really been in love. Another reason can also be that you are no longer clear about your own feelings. This can also be the result of falling in love. The first love in life or just not knowing what’s going on. We’ve all had this trouble before. There are several signs that you can tell that you are in love. Because your body usually knows far more about it than your head. In this blog, I would like to show you some signs that you are really in love. So that the next time you meet your crush, you can find out exactly how deep your feelings already go. So we clarify the question: How do I know that I’m in love?



A typical feeling of well-being can also indicate that you are in love. The joy when you see him, the tingling in your stomach and you can’t take the grin off your face. You feel it in your body as you look at it, yearning for it. The closer you get to it, the more you will feel this feeling of well-being. Everything seems so easy in this moment you feel good, strong and prompt.

Lack Of Concentration

You think about him all the time and he never leaves your mind. This can also be a sign that you are in love. You may also be unable to sleep properly and eat properly. Her thoughts constantly wander to him. The work isn’t as easy for you as it used to be because there’s only him in your head. But even his presence doesn’t bring clarity, because you have the feeling that your mind is going on the burner.

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Then, when you sleep, another sign that you are in love can be that you are also dreaming about your lover. Especially when we are asleep, we proceed what we have experienced, whether consciously or subconsciously. The result can be either very nice dreams or dreams of fear of not getting the one or being abandoned. Our head tells us that we should do something about it. It becomes particularly clear when you dream of something very clear and wake up the next morning with beautiful memories. Pay attention to what you dream about. Maybe write it down too. Many specialists think this is a good idea and we can also warmly recommend it. As you can see, step by step we are getting closer to the answer. How do I know that I’m in love?


When you want his attention, the desire increases at the same time. With many women or men, this is noticeable by using every chance to be noticed by the loved one. This can be shown by chasing after him, secretly writing letters, calling him and hanging up, or just hoping for a response. Your craving will then be satisfied for a short time once he has shown a reaction. You secretly hope that the desire will be returned and satisfied.


How do I know that I’m in love? Well, your thoughts are constantly focused on him or her and never wander off. Especially if the desire is not returned or is too one-sided, this can become a very unsatisfactory condition for you in the long run. Lack of concentration also plays an important part here.

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