How To Maintain A Harmonious Decor For Your Living Room?

A contemporary living room is styled by a generous and clear arrangement. It often has high ceilings. It is a bright living space that gives a feeling of space and tranquility.

In order to maintain a beautiful decor, the ideas must follow this common thread. In order to put the room in the limelight, it is better to opt for light shades of flooring, such as parquet with a raw wood look or smooth cement tiles, which are very trendy. And what color should you choose for the walls of a living room? The contemporary color variant is a classic, a room with white walls that serve as a backdrop for design furniture. However, this ambience could make the room seem too cold. A combination of white and black can add a modern look, but it won’t make your living room any cozier. Keep in mind that trends and cosiness are not mutually exclusive. You can also benefit from pastel colors that are back in fashion. To give it a relevant and special touch, simply paint a piece of wall in a more distinctive color, for example a warm yellow or a purple shade. The harmony must definitely be prioritized.

The Lightning

Whether in a small apartment or in a house in a countryside: the design living room must be bright. Let in sunlight through large windows. A large round mirror, which is attached to the opposite side of the room, makes the room appear larger. The interior lighting is also of great importance. Vary the light sources with recessed spotlights, designer floor lamps or trendy incandescent lamps.

Living Room

Buy Simple Furniture

Living room furniture must be simple. You should use simple shapes and clear lines that can still give the room a character. Contemporary furniture is minimalist so make sure not to clutter the space.

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From table and chair sets to tableware and lighting, trendy living room deco is back in fashion. In order to renew an interior, remove classic, white design furniture from your wish list. The weaving of rattan furniture is a real craft. This vintage deco is currently experiencing a new style: the natural fibers are no longer used for a rustic look. On the contrary, combine raw materials and design lines to redesign your living room.


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