How To Remove Cover Photo From Facebook

Would you like to delete old cover photo that are still displayed in your Facebook profile? With this guide you shouldn’t have a problem with that. A profile picture is a great way to customize your social media profile and make it easier for friends to recognize you. However, if your profile picture is outdated or you just don’t like it anymore, you can easily remove it. We’ll show you how to do it with just a few clicks.

To delete old cover photos that you no longer use on your timeline, first click Photos on your individual account page and select the Cover Photos. Now click on the photo that you want to delete. Hover over the photo and select “Options, Delete this photo” and confirm at the bottom right. The former cover picture will disappear from your profile. Now repeat this for all cover photos that you want to delete from your profile and then continue using the social media as usual.

Facebook App

Open the Facebook application on your phone and tap on your profile picture next to the status to go to your account. Now scroll down a little and tap on “Photos”. Go to Albums at the top and open the Facebook pictures. Now select your current profile picture and tap the three-dot  in the top right. Select the “Delete photo” entry from the list and then confirm the following text to permanently remove the photo.

The cover photo is the large banner image that you can display at the top of your profile page. The smaller profile picture is used on the bottom left of the cover picture.

It’s Easy To Delete Your Facebook Cover Photo

On your profile page, hover over the cover photo. Select the Update Envelope button in the top left. Choose remove and finally click to confirm. If you want to change your cover photo but don’t want to delete it, go back to step 2 and click Choose Photo to choose a different photo you already have in your profile. If you want to upload one from your PC instead, click upload photo.

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February 27, 2024

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