Partnership With 3PL Amazon Services

The abbreviation 3PL Amazon -Third Party Logistics denotes assistances that we order from a provider in order to carry out the company’s own storage, order preparation or goods logistics. Thus, the 3PL assistance takes over the directing of the company’s goods as well as their delivery to the end customer and acts as a mediator between Forceget and its customers.

We take care of the delivery and warehousing and are also responsible for the management and establishment of these two functions.

Productively administration logistics clearly takes time and work, which is why some companies prefer to devote their attention to other fields. Working with a 3PL Amazon system also means that the costs for land, premises and team do not have to be covered. In the short term, this is financially beneficial.

3PL Amazon usually has a platform of warehouses so that the goods can be brought closer to the end customer and orders can be delivered more quickly. Outsourcing transport enables us to offer more competitive shipping costs. 3PL Amazon, when dealing with different customers and handling a high volume of goods, offers very competitive shipping rates.

How To Use 3PL Amazon Efficiently

Price: The price offered by us depends on the type of goods, the emergency shipping or non-emergency shipping and the destination.

Adaptability: The size and dimensions of a transport must be taken into account so that it can adapt to your delivery requirements. A well organized ability to react to an increase is the key to sustainable company growth.

Innovation: The focus should be on logistics to use the innovation and industrialization to carry out their procedures, both in storage and in order preparation and shipping.

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A Reliable Partnership With 3PL Amazon

3PL Amazon specializes in providing assistance to the needs of the customer. We help you improve your logistics, while you can devote your time and work to other areas. For years, Forceget has been equipping the warehouses of numerous different transport providers, from local to international fields in the sector. As a logistics supplier, if you need help choosing the storage that suits your requirements, please contact us on


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