Reasons Why We Love Football So Much

Football a sport that inspires people all over the world. No matter what age group, no matter which nation: football unites. This is not least due to the fact that the game has a great integration among people. Cheering on a team together, cheering them on and celebrating victory together. But what exactly is it that makes the masses so excited?


Spending Time Together With Friends

Football is not fun on its own. Whether to watch or to play: It works with friends. In a small setting at home or in the pub around the corner. This is where the fans gather and it’s still going to be how you imagine it from times when not everyone had their own TV set. The opposite is true today, but that’s exactly where you can recognize the community spirit. Public viewing becomes an event, everyone is in each other’s arms, there is a lot of cheer. What could be nicer than celebrating a victory with your friends?


Game, Fun And Excitement

The common ground becomes the event. And that is also due to the fact that the outcome of the team is uncertain. Of course it is the same in other sports, but the importance of the tournament increases the tension. When it comes to relegation of your own team, a narrow victory, a particularly difficult opponent, or attitudes such as derbys between Chelsea and Arsenal, ​​it leaves your nerves on edge. Some make fun of it and place bets on providers they have previously compared online.


There is hardly any other place in the world where you can see so many men crying as in the stadium. Here you are allowed to go out of your way, to show your feelings. That is exactly the reason: because it only affects you, if you don’t make yourself vulnerable.

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Play Yourself

There is hardly any sport that is so easy to play. Two people and a ball are enough. If even the usual play equipment is not at hand, cans or other objects can help. And the physical demands cannot be measured high enough either.


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