Requirements To Become A Fashion Model

If you want to become a model, a good and reputable agency is very important for your dream. Under no circumstances should you sign any agreement impulsively and rashly. Show them to your parents or other trusted people and a lawyer as well. Never pay a company money just to have them add your photographs to their records. Serious agencies earn their money by placing their models. Not with the truth that they sign them.

Now to the question that many young girls probably ask: How do you find a model agency? There are two ways to do this: Either you are discovered by a scout or you apply to them yourself. Most agencies offer the opportunities to apply online easily on their official pages. To do this, you have to state different proportions and upload a few meaningful photos. At least one of them should be a complete body photo and one a detailed one of your face. In this way, the agents can see whether you fit into the file. In addition, many agencies also offer open calls. Anyone who wants to become a model can appear at the firm and introduce themselves to these auditions.


Do You Need Specific Measurements?

The requirements of the fashion sector have changed a lot in recent years. For example, the size of a model is particularly applicable in the catwalk profession where a height of 1.75 m – 1.80 m is required for women. In the commercial area, on the other hand, small sized models are also a trend. The regular dimensions, 90-60-90, are also less applicable today. Rather, character and a healthy appearance are important. In addition, many brands are increasingly relying on fashion models, be it for campaigns or cover shoots. These are models who still look very good, but do not have to be flawless. Perhaps they have a large gap between their teeth or an unusual nose and thus do not quite correspond to the current perfection of beauty. Alleged flaws and weaknesses can become an advantage for you, as they make you stand out at the casting and ensure a high recognition value.

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A Good Sedcard

To apply for fashion jobs or at agencies, you need a sedcard, i.e. portrait and body photographs. Carefully choose the photographer who will shoot the pictures. A good way to find a reputable one is to get information from other models. You can take a friend or your parents with you for the first shoot. They will keep you from taking photographs that you will later regret. We strongly advise against nude ones. If they appear in the wrong conditions later, this is not beneficial for your career.

With the recordings themselves, the most important thing is that you can present different sides of yourself. So you should try several looks for the shoot. You should certainly choose a very natural look with as little cosmetics as possible so that the agencies and customers can get a good impression of you. The shoot for the sedcard is also good for something else: The shoot gives you experience in front of the camera. You can try different poses and test a little. That gives you self-confidence for your first shoot.


Health Plays An Important Role

A healthy and steady nutrition is important. Those who eat healthily become less ill and are more able to withstand the exertions of model life. Those who pay attention to a healthy nutrition and ensure enough workout in their life can make a good overall intuition with a strong appearance and positive look.

Take Care Of Yourself Naturally

Make sure that your make-up has a pH value that is as natural as possible and that there are few fragrances, colors and other additives – the more neutral, the better. Too much or wrong cosmetics looks unsightly.

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