Signs She Wants To Marry You

When is the right time to apply? And what do I really have to look out for before I ask her to marry me?


Wedding Becomes The Topic Of Conversation

 When your girlfriend starts talking about engagement and marriage, the first signals are that she has the idea of ​​marriage. If she’s ready to get engaged, she might even give clearer signals. For example, by using a girlfriend as an excuse when it comes to marriage. A conversation could look like this: “A friend proposed to my best friend in a romantic way! I would love that too.

Signs She Wants To Marry You
Signs She Wants To Marry You

She Suddenly Has A Thing For Rings

Do you suddenly regularly walk past the shop windows of jewelers when strolling through the city? Or does she surprisingly show you her new wish for rings online? Coincidence? Probably not! As soon as your girlfriend starts raving about rings and shows you which ones she finds particularly beautiful, you should pay attention. Not only because it’s a clear sign that she’s ready to get engaged, but also because it lets you get to know her tastes. If you know which rings you like, it will be easier for you to buy the engagement ring.

Wedding Movies And Shows Are On TV

After work, you come into the living room and look forward to a relaxed TV evening- but what awaits you: a wedding movie! If your girlfriend suddenly becomes very sentimental about wedding scenes or follows bridal shows with increasing interest, this is a clear sign that your girlfriend is dealing with the topic of an engagement proposal and a wedding.

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She Is At The Front Of The Bouquet Toss

If women want something, they can unleash unimagined powers. This can be seen particularly beautifully when throwing the bridal bouquet at weddings, when women who want to marry are jumping for the bridal bouquet in a very good manner. Well, it doesn’t always have to be that open. But if your loved one is in the front row, it can already be a clear sign that she is hoping for a marriage proposal soon.


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