Steps and Settings Of Webmaster Tools

With the Webmaster, the tool provides websites with information to structure their site in a friendly manner and thus rank successfully. If risks such as crawling errors occur, the webmaster is informed with the tools and can take remedial movement. You can find out exactly how this works here. For the sake of completeness, we explained also all settings. If that’s too dry for you, you should start with the notifications.


First Steps

Before you can start, the page must be created in the Webmaster Tools. To do this, you have to log into your Google account and enter the Add website button. There are different ways of confirming ownership, telling Google that you are actually the webmaster of the submitted page.


Website Settings

The destination: Here you can select the country for which the site is relevant. Google can usually recognize the country for which a site is relevant, even if the level domain is the typical one. Nevertheless, it makes sense to specify the country at this point and thus send a further note to Webmaster Tools regarding the destination.

Preferred domain: Here you can specify which is the preferred domain. For this it is of course necessary that you create both options as sites. In this way you can tell Google that options belong together and can be attributed to the same owner. The domain selected as preferred indicates which domain variant should appear in the search results.

Crawling speed: Here you have the choice between of the maximum crawling frequency. This can be useful to avoid possible server overloads. The crawling speed can be changed at both the root and subdomain level. Changes are valid for 3 months. In most cases however, it is advisable to let Google determine the crawling speed.

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Users and Page Owners

Here the page owner can add new users and define their authorization. Unrestricted users can see all information and carry out a large part of the activities. However, you cannot create new users. Restricted users can view most of the information and carry out some activities, but cannot make any settings or the like. This is especially useful if you are working with an SEO. So that they can see the relevant information, you create the SEO as a user and limit the usage rights. In this way you can work with the data, but cannot change any settings.


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