The Best Caravanning Trip Packages in Fuerteventura

On Fuerteventura there is only one official place for camping. You can find him on the offshore island of Lobos. You can pitch your tent between El Puertito and Calera beach. Traveling by camper van fuerteventura is a very big trend in Fuerteventura and other islands. In times of the pandemic, this form of travel is experiencing a real boom, to which the first municipalities of Fuerteventura reacted. Antigua City has now opened Antigua’s first trailer park. There is a waste water disposal station at the site, which offers many hours of parking time. The municipality says that in the future the park will be expanded to include a small park with shade, seating and areas, electrical hookups, fresh water and a mobile home wash area.


Camping on Lobos Island

Camping outside of this area is prohibited on Lobos. Especially in the warm summer periods there are many adventure campers on Fuerteventura despite the lack of campsites.

No Official Campsite On Fuerteventura

Although officially banned, the quiet and hidden coves all along the coast outside of towns seem particularly suited to this. The police can punish illegal camping with high fines. Of course, the protected dunes of Corralejo, beaches and centers as well as areas where camping is expressly forbidden by a sign are taboo.

 Benefits of Caravamos

Camping holidays camper van fuerteventuraare becoming increasingly well known on the island. Discovering the island freely and independently has a very special appeal. With a camper you can actually stop and stay overnight anywhere on Fuerteventura, except where it is expressly forbidden. However, you should not leave the camper van in the same place for longer than 2 days. Check the official website to get more details only island in the region that is not of volcanic origin. Admittedly, after the peace and solitude of the past few months on Lanzarote, you had to look for something here. That put us off quite a bit at first, campsites and many tourists. However, great conditions for water sports of all kinds and miles of white sandy beaches. We are particularly fond of the south of the island.

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Is It Possible To Camp On Board In The Camper?

No, that’s forbidden. At certain times you are allowed to go from the passenger deck to the vehicle deck for half an hour to get things out of the cars and bring them back. As a rule, it is not strictly checked whether someone sneaks into their camper during these visiting hours. For safety reasons, however, we advise against staying in the camper.

February 27, 2024

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