The Fashion Trends For 2021

During the pandemic, nothing is going as usual. The fashion world had to find out bitterly too. While experts, buyers, influencers and entrepreneurs cavorted at the fashion trends weeks around this time, everything looked different in 2020. The presentations for spring – summer 2021 were made online – and you could follow the fashion trends for the new year online. Which colors and patterns should not be missing?



In any case, white is indispensable in summer, but in spring 2021 non-color will become one of the most important fashion. It even goes so far that the white summer dress competes with the darker ones. Lightness and fun in fashion were a theme for many designers. Airy, light fashion in white is the conclusion of the trend.

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Oversize Cuts

Oversize cuts largely shape the 2021 fashion. With the wide shapes, the designers check the middle with eminence and bring a balance to the trend. From pleated trousers with great fashion to wide blazer dresses and airy coats, all are more remote from the body.

It Can Be Said That Fashionable Minimalism Will Still Be Present

The fun of fashion creeps in with new maximalist designs. Spring and summer 2021 should go hand in hand with ease and joy. How can that be better imagined than with fashion? Ready to wear, which will be available in stores, the fashion is: texture and details on sleeves, skirts and dresses.


This year, different colors and patterns are mixed together on one item of clothing: We are talking about the patchwork fashion. Regardless of whether stripes and flowers, leather and everything is allowed. This creates impressive materials that quickly become eye-catchers. The only important thing about the patterns is that they are kept in similar or matching colors. Patchwork offers those who like to try the opportunity to let off steam in fashion. Striking pieces of clothing should always be mixed with basic pieces so that the style looks great and the patchwork piece is staged. This fashion is also being picked up on shoes.

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