Top Decoration Trends For Autumn

It’s already mid-October and the leaves are shining in all shades of red and yellow, which means that autumn is just around the corner. It is time for new decorations at home. In autumn we like to be cozy, warm and secure inside. It’s a great chance to make your own four walls more homely. But various autumn items do not have to break the budget. There are many inexpensive and self-made opportunities to make your home suitable for Autumn in no time at all. These are our top trends for autumn.



Materials made of wood are wonderfully suitable for a beautiful design. In addition, many decorative materials can be made from wood yourself. How about, for example, a tealight holder made of glass, around which you stick many small sticks? Individual tree grates also make excellent decorative objects. Tea lights or plants can be placed on them. Or they can be hung on the wall as a substitute for a picture. In different sizes, the wooden discs create a great atmosphere.



In the golden time we like it cozy. Small elements immediately provide the necessary feel-good at this point. Soft pillows, fluffy blankets, or small autumn rugs are great choices. They do not need a lot of space and can be easily stored over the hot months. Textiles with autumn prints or in autumn colors are also a good choice. For example, swap your curtains for ones in beige, change your cushions with deer on them or use kitchen towels with a beautiful leaf print.

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Dried Fruit

In addition to berry branches, dried fruits are also great as autumn design. How about for example, orange slices or a glass packed with cinnamon sticks, pine cones, chestnuts and dried fruits? This is simple, but immediately creates an autumn look.


Candles conjure up a beautiful ambience without much work. They are essential for the cold weather and must not be forgotten under any circumstances. A nice arrangement of candles of different sizes immediately creates a cozy feeling and makes the room cozy in no time at all.


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