What Does Aesthetic Fashion Look Like?

Fashion evolves over time and this season there is a new popular one that has not gone unnoticed: the Aesthetic Style. The basic of this new movement relates to everything aesthetic, to the essence of beauty, to art and the sense of everything that looks beautiful. The aesthetic style grew out of a movement online, where people started mixing grunge and sporty designs with 80’s and 90’s. Do you want to know more about types of aesthetics?

Aesthetic fashion is broad and within fashion we can find different sub-models. However, there are some items of clothing that you shouldn’t miss if you want to add them to your wardrobe. We’ll tell you what they are so you can get types of aesthetics look:

For tops, checked blouses, oversized t-shirts, lingerie tops and bandeau crop tops are a must. Sweatpants, checked skirts, pants with wide legs and biker pants are suitable for bottoms. When it comes to shoes and accessories, sneakers and a baguette bag is usually chosen.


The Aesthetic Grunge Style

Grunge is a slightly darker and edgier design than the rest, dating back to the 90’s. Checks, fishnet tights, necklaces and military boots are the most well known items of clothing. When it comes to colors, tones like grays and white are essential for a grunge look.

The Aesthetic Art Hoe Style

Art Hoe’s is based on love for art, connection to nature, painting and flowers. Art Hoe celebrates diversity and is great for lovers of art and creativity. In Art Hoe, primary colors are combined with more intense colors. Tie-dye prints are one of the favorite colors. 

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Vintage Look

For a vintage look, we recommend pairing a t-shirt with an inscription (the bigger the better, so you can read it) with denim boyfriend jeans, a black short-handle bag or baguette bag and combined with sneakers.

The Aesthetic Minimalism Style

The minimalist models explore the visual appeal of shapes, lines, textures of the types of aesthetics. It’s a style that plays with different shades of the same color, different textures and asymmetries.

So there are different kinds of styles within the aesthetic movement, these are the main ones on  https://cosmiquestudio.com and you can get there more inspirations.


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