What Does The Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat

What does the yellow heart in Snapchat mean behind a contact? For some time now, emojis have been shown again and again behind the contact names in the Snapchat application. While the meaning of some is quite clear, there are smileys that do not immediately indicate the background. For this reason, you will find an answer here to the question of what the yellow heart behind the name actually stands for.

Snapchat: What Does The Yellow Heart Mean?

If a yellow heart is shown behind the name of a contact in Snapchat, it means that you are best friends with them. The heart is always displayed when you have exchanged the most pictures with the contact. In this case, Snapchat assumes that people with whom you have exchanged the most snaps are also your good friends.


Aside From Above, How Do You Get The Yellow Heart On Snapchat?

You are sending Snaps to this contacts very often, and have been for a long time. Before one of your contacts gets the red heart added, there is a yellow heart next to their name. It shows that both of you have frequent contact on Snapchat. You’ve been each other’s best friend for two weeks. You are each other’s best friend.

Smiling face – you and this person are good friends and send lots of snaps to each other. Yellow Heart – the two of you are friends and send the most Snaps to each other. With the update from April 2015, the Best friends feature was removed from Snapchat and replaced by the use of emojis. The display of the smileys depends on the snaps sent to individual friends. The smileys now show you which friends you communicate with most on Snapchat.

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Of course, the yellow heart doesn’t have a really fixed meaning. Unlike the red heart, however, the yellow heart is not necessarily associated with love. The color yellow is often associated with optimism. If you want to cheer someone up, the yellow heart is a good choice.

February 27, 2024

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