What Is Data? Examples of Data

We live in a digitized world where perhaps the smallest unit represents the greatest value. Data is  what mechanisms were to industrialization. They produce the basics for innovational developments. But what is data and how is it created? With this blog we would like to give you the easiest answers, which are also the basis for our work in data recovery if, for example, the hard drive is not recognized.

Examples of Data

Below are some examples of data that one may come across in everyday life:

  • Number of students in a college
  • population of cities
  • Average temperatures every season
  • Measured duration of transportation delays
What Is Data? Examples of Data
What Is Data? Examples of Data

What Is Data In A Technical World?

First, let’s take a look at why data matters today. Why is data so valuable? The values behind photos and videos. for each individual can probably be assigned to private users’ own feelings. A different value arises with regard to company data and what that is for the tech giants, what importance does their propensity for data play in this?

We move quite naturally in everyday life and overlook the way in which we often unconsciously leave our fingerprint in the way of data. Be it through tracking on the phone, uncomplicated contactless payment in the store or through free WiFi access in our favorite place. It should no longer be a secret that social media platforms use our data, process it and sell it again as one of the most expensive resources in the world. Why is that – what is data for its collectors and why is it so sought after?

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Think of government agencies, for example: the healthcare and schools. All data is converted from archiving and use to digital and can then be called up worldwide with a server, for example. Of course, technological developments hides certain uncertainties and dangers. In addition to data loss, data leakage should also be briefly mentioned here, which is often caused by cyber and malware. However, in our opinion, the advantages of this new age definitely outweigh the disadvantages. To understand the progress, we recommend getting to grips with the facts first. 

September 28, 2023

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