What Is Stomach Pumping?

A stomach rinse is a medical intervention that is rarely used. Its goal is usually to save the body from poisoning in which toxins are pumped out of the stomach. Stomach flushes are mainly used in persons who want to bring a suicide with the help of tablets. As long as the substances are not yet entered into the intestine, it is possible to eliminate the poisonous substances by a stomach pumping. Accordingly, it is necessary for the person concerned to be found in good time and treated appropriately. For stomach flushing, a specific hose is inserted and the stomach is filled with water.

In an early detection of the symptoms of stomach pumping, the method can lead to success. The faster the flushing comes to use, the better the chances of healing apply. Once the toxins are penetrated or diluted into the tissue, other methods must be used to save the patient’s life. However, there are some hazards and risks. In order to bring them under control, it is important that the attending doctor has sufficient experience in the field of stomach extinction. As a rule, the advantages of the procedure weigh more than the disadvantages.

Stomach Pumping

Effect & Goals

In numerous cases, the stomach pumping is used to treat poisoning. This comes with most people in a suicide intention by taking the affected people certain tablets. Here are mainly sleeping tablets and sedatives. Overall, poisoning represents a voluntary condition at about 85 % of the diseases.

Only about 10 % indicate that poisoning could arise within the framework of an accident. Especially between the second and third year of life, children take many objects in their mouth. In this way, it may come to a poisoning that requires gastric rinse. In the process, the stomach is pumped out and the membrane is cleaned. When the patient is brought to the doctor early, so the health can be restored, so that the poisoning normally has no further consequences. In the best case, rinsing takes place in a time of up to half an hour after taking the toxins.

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