White Elephant Gift Ideas

The game doesn’t really give away white elephants. However, it is said that they were once given away by the powerful of this world to wealthy families in order to ruin them economically. They were considered sacred animals that, if given as a gift, you always had to look after them well – and caring for an elephant is known to be expensive. The white elephants are thus a sign of gifts that cause more trouble for the recipient than they please. So it happens that at the white elephant Gift Exchange mostly things are given away that you don’t really want to have, such as almost new things that you have but never used or just funny gadgets that are supposed to entertain the other players. A certain plan can make it easier to choose the gift.

There’s a relatively fresher tease on giving perfect white elephant gifts in the market that is unraveling the happy card. Each gift tease is usable in all of the shops listed along the card and you don’t have to wear spear carriers for that flexibility

While the idea of white elephant gifts has been around for a long time, you may not have played it yet. Make sure you follow these easy-to-follow rules to make sure you aren’t in the dust at your next game.

White Elephant Gift

White Elephant Gift Exchange

• Buy a stupid, completely useless, but fun gift
• Wrap the gift in question, but do not write your name on it
• Sit in a circle and put all the presents in the middle on a pile
• Have everyone draw a number to determine the order in which gifts will be selected
• Open gifts in the order of the numbers drawn. After the first person has opened their wrapped gift, the second one can decide whether to steal their gift or to open a new gift instead

The process continues until everyone has a gift, which often involves a lot of stealing and a lot more or even worse. At the very end, the first person gets a second round in which they can either keep their current gift or steal someone else’s. If they steal a present the game will continue until someone keeps their present, and if they keep their current present the game is over.

Now that you’ve done all of the white elephant exchanges, it’s time to find a gift that will be the star of the show or, as you know, the one that no one wants to get stuck on. These options are sure to be impressively nondescript. And the good part about it? They’re all under 50 dollars.

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