Why Fully Equipped Luxury Motorhome Dreamer D55 UP?

The Dreamer brand was launched by the Rapido company. The Dreamer motorhome models, whose innovation was largely based on conversions, were created in order to put the commitment in the segment of converted vans on a broader process.

Rapido had previously taken over the campervan specialist and relocated its production to its headquarters. Initially, however, the offer was limited to the local market. The Rapido has been using the Dreamer D55 UP brand since mid-2015.

The product ranges of both brands show numerous parallels, but are not identical. Dreamer features a wide variety of layouts, mostly based on panel vans. In keeping with the tradition, there are also compact caravans with a pop-up roof and furnishing functions.

Bed, Kitchen, Bathroom and Seating Area

The floor plan of almost all 6 m panel vans  can be reduced to this basic form. At first glance, the dreamer D55 upfrom the Dreamer brand is no exception. But a closer look at the floor plan is suspicious: a luxury bathroom with a toilet on the side and a separate shower on the driver’s side in a panel van. And to get straight to the point: the clever division proves to be quite convincing.

Space well used: The wardrobe disappears into the cubicle, but can also simply be swiveled over the rear bed. That works fine, which usually have a lying area at least 150 cm wide on at least one side.

The pop-up roof that is standard on the up makes the model all the more interesting. Here the bed measures 198. The mattress, which is 10 cm thick for a bed of this one, lies on a slatted frame – the sleeping comfort on the upper floor is excellent. Two swiveling lamps bring light upwards, and there is also a heating vent. The kitchen is also compact due to the large bathroom. Except for the folding board on the front side, there is no work or storage space.

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Benefits of Caravamos

Caravamos wants its customers to come away from their holiday happy and complete of energy. That’s what we stand for. Because traveling with the family is even nicer with caravamos company;

  • Pop-up roof as a basic
  • Skyview panoramic roof
  • Rear aerodynamic roof

https://www.caravamos.com/motorhome-d55  extensively drove the Dreamer D55 up in its homeland. Incidentally, the floor plan in the product range is entirely new, but the manufacturer has now improved it more.


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