Why Is A Regular Web Analysis So Important?

Thesiterank has an analysis with more than 100 experienced tools from the areas of search engine, technical structure, online platforms, usability, server, security, newly registered domain and many more. This makes it easy to find out where the weak points of your own site or the customer’s are and to develop them.


Individual improvement tips, a dashboard and various tools ensure that the analyser can be improved and remains future-proof in the greatest way.


Ratings and New Registered Domains Tips


Each analysis result is prepared for you in the perfect way, given an evaluation and explained so that, despite fundamental language, you can easily understand what it is about and how you can improve the new registered domains for your site. Ratings help you to see at a glance in which fields or in which the site areas need action and update for.


After you have improved an analysis, you can quickly start a new analysis to see the effect of the change. The Thesiterank facts in particular can therefore be improved in a short time and with little improvement.


SEO Analyzes At The Push Of A Button


The SEO statistics report is constantly being expanded and the platform already has one of the largest analysis tools of experienced individual reports worldwide. This is one of Thesiterank’s unique selling points.


Tracking Your Keywords


The website analysis platform immediately monitors the situations of your keywords in the search engines and informs you about changes and rankings. In addition to the step by step progression, your top keywords are displayed and you receive extensive information on the strength of the competition. The new registered domain details on search engines, the annual search capacity and the number of current search results for each of your keywords.

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With www.thesiterank.com tracking, you can see very quickly where there is opportunity for improvement and accordingly, more visitors to your site. You recognize top rankings, notice when keywords drop in ranking and recognize which of your keywords rank perfect.

February 27, 2024

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