Why Webmaster Tools Can Be Useful

In order for your own site to be successful, it needs a good ranking in the search engine. There are various webmaster tools that can be used for this purpose. Anyone who creates a site will sooner or later hear about the tools and ask themselves to what extent they are really necessary. In fact, the tools are not to be underestimated.

There are some free tools that are quite useful. The most important thing is to find out more about your own website. Among other things, there is the option here to see more about which links lead to your own page. Links can not only have advantages but also disadvantages. Page operators should always be aware of this. Of course, what is interesting is Google’s offer. As the search engine that has a particularly high influence on the user, it is the first point of contact when looking for a suitable page. Information about your own site helps to make adjustments and influence the ranking.

Use Crawling For Yourself

One of the features provided by Webmaster tools is the crawling view. This is an important basis for assessing your own site and its placement in the search engine. For example, the tools show crawling errors. This means that the website sees which of his URLs are displayed as errors and can check what needs to be changed. There are also statistics. These indicate the frequency with which the crawler usually appears on the site.

Good to know: Some webmaster tools help to see your own page from a special point of view. The view of the crawler is displayed. How does he see the site? Where does he see an error and what works particularly well on the crawler? This also makes it possible to see where improvements can still be made. If a webmaster tool is to be used, it is helpful to first deal with the functions and perhaps to check some of them on a page in order to then be able to use them effectively.

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Here you will find a non-profit page all about color on the web and on sites. In the Colors section you can choose a color or use the color picker. Endycolorpedia will now suggest matching colors. With the web safe colors, the colors of the web are presented, which are displayed relatively safely on all devices in the desired hue. In addition, these colors can also be defined as a clear name, e.g. the color code can also be defined with the word white as a color specification for the pure color white. In the case of the HTML color codes, this is expanded to include additional colors. Under the heading Named Colors, the color selection, including the color names, goes into more detail – although the clear names given here are certainly no longer web-safe. It is exciting, for example, that times are defined for the colors – this color code has changed over the course of the years changed and therefore not clearly defined on a color code. Very good portal for webmasters who want to be inspired when searching for colors. We can very well imagine using Encycolorpedia to find suitable additional colors for a new web plan based on the color theme of the customer’s logo!


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