Women Face Care For Skins Over 50

Beauty has nothing to do with age, just with proper care!  Depending on the skin type and desire, the right face and body care from 50 can be put together. In summary it can be said: The skin over 50 needs care that give it back moisture. The aim is to restore more elasticity and reduce wrinkles. In addition, other areas of the skin also require greater attention than in younger years. Lips, neck and upper arms are also just as relevant as facial care.



Cleansing Mature Skin

Daily cleansing is still the foundation for facial care. We particularly recommend the medicosmetics cleansing, consisting of the cleaning products and facial toner. Thoroughly clean the more mature skin of dirt and make-up in the morning and evening. Optionally, we can use the premium skin pore refining toners. With these products the skin of the face can be cleaned and moistened very well.

Maintain The Elasticity Of Aging Skin and Deal With Collagen Loss

The ladies over 50 will have noticed it painfully. The elasticity of the skin decreases over time. Something can be done about this collagen loss! We recommend a combination of fruit peeling and collagen serum. With regular use, great skin rejuvenating results can be achieved. On top or as a variant, we can also recommend dietary supplements for building collagen from the inside.

Intensive Anti-Aging Eye Care

Not only from the age of 50 do we fight against tired and strained eye areas. This condition should not only be known to women. When it comes to your eyes, in particular, you shouldn’t make any compromises and opt for a high-quality care product. Declare war on tired eyes! With the cellular eye cream you let tired eyes look plumped up again and your skin around the eye area becomes firmer. The eye cream supplies your eye area with valuable ingredients such as stem cells from the rose and acid. We recommend the intensive eye cream with long-term range. It perks up tired eyes and reduces shadows under the eyes.

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Fight Wrinkles In The Upper Lip

Some women do not only have to struggle with the annoying pleated lines on their upper lip from the age of 50.  With the right upper lip care, these wrinkles can also be filled.

Anti Aging Moisturizer

Provide your facial skin with enough moisture! This increases the life of your cells and makes your skin appear firmer.


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