Aydın Printing Promotional Product Categories

Within the scope of promotional products, Aydım Basım Promotion company is one of the main brands that come across. The company, which has 25 years of industry experience, produces various promotional products within its body. You can find many different promotional items that you can buy wholesale. Promotional products are in demand, especially in terms of offering a natural way to increase the recognition of brands. There are promotional products that can be used easily in many different sectors.

Below, we have listed the promotional product categories that are produced within the company as items. You can buy the products we have mentioned in wholesale and for a suitable amount within Aydın Basım.

  • Paper car smell
  • Cork Coaster
  • Cardboard bag
  • Metal pen
  • Plastic pen
  • Mouse pad


Aydın Basim Coasters

Coasters, which are frequently used by office workers, are one of the alternative promotional products. There are many coasters available in different print patterns, such as the Round Cork Coaster. The coasters, which are welcomed by people with interest, are also very useful. It is preferred so that the cup sor glasses do not leave marks on the table while consuming beverages such as coffee or tea. It can also be used as an alternative promotional product where you can promote your brand.

Coasters, which are printed and produced within the scope of Aydın Basım Promotion company, attract attention in various sectors. It is one of the products that you can encounter especially in offices, cafes and restaurants. In this context, you can choose to buy coasters in order to advertise and promote your brand.

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General Features of Coasters

There are coasters produced in many different ways. Among them, the rubber coaster is one of the most preferred product. At the same time, cork coasters are among the requested promotional products. The colors and designs of coasters, which are also used as a decorative product, vary according to the promotion of the relevant company or brand.

The company has coasters produced in various sizes and dimensions consisting of PVC, rubber, cork and paper. With coasters that are both durable and high quality, it is possible to advertise your brand through natural methods. In this regard, coasters are one of the most demanded promotional products..

Round Cork Coaster,




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