Best Door Locks

The door lock creates a unit with the mortise lock, the door fittings, the knob and the handle. Whether you remove and change the lock, key and door lock when moving into your new house depends on your individual need of security. Unless it is a first-time occupancy, it is usually difficult to find out how many keys were made by the previous place. It may be worth replacing the entire locking system with a new product. The best thing to do is talk to your landlord and clarify with him whether he will cover the costs for the replacement or whether he will require the old locking mechanism to be reinstalled when you move out. In this guide you will find out what is important for a good door lock.


For maximum protection against unwanted intruders, several facts must be checked. The size of the lock cylinder must fit your front door, they must not be too thick or too thin. Otherwise a firm hold of the lock cannot be ensured. For this reason, door locks come in different sizes and lengths. For example, the highest security is usually guaranteed if you can lock the door with two turns of the key.


What are Door Lock Types


Security card and keyed alike models -The door lock is offered together with the keys. The number of keys can vary depending on the provider and price limit. If you opt for a lock with only 3 keys, you may have to have additional keys made for your house members. High-quality models are provided with a security card. This makes unauthorized duplicates of individual keys very difficult. That is why door locks with a security card are considered to be very secure.

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Another fact for a good lock with a locking cylinder is that it can be used on both sides. It is applicable for two profile locks. A lock that can be locked on both sides can also be opened from the outside if a key is already in the inside. This avoids locking yourself out from the outside. A lock that can be closed on both sides increases your security against unwanted locking out.


Door lock buy with knob for extra security -A cylinder with knob is built in exactly the same way as a two profile model. However, there is a knob on one side to close the door without a key. The key is therefore only in the lock from one side. The lock is on the outside, from there you can lock the door with the key. The knob allows the door to be closed from the inside without a key, thus preventing the door from being blocked by a key accidentally being inserted inside. The door lock with knob also has an emergency and danger feature.


Where to Buy Best Door Locks?


If you want to buy the best door lock with suitable prices in Middle East and UAE, you should check the website in the locking comparison. The fact is, however, that what matters is not a low price or even a branded item from Yalehome, but a high level of security.



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