Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

Maybe you couldn’t muster any motivation for school, but maybe personal problems tore you out of everyday school life and made your last school year more difficult. In the end you unfortunately didn’t get the degree and are now wondering whether an apprenticeship without a school-leaving certificate is possible? The answer is yes! A school-leaving certificate is not a prerequisite for an apprenticeship. Anyone can apply for a vacant apprenticeship position – with or without!

Taking in a foster child: I think it goes without saying that financial gain should not be the priority here, but as foster parents you will also receive remuneration. Here you will find all information about it.

Family companion: You can be trained to become a family companion and accompany families from pregnancy, birth and childbirth to the role of parent.

Tutoring: You can also give traditional tutoring. Then a school child or even several come to your home and you teach while your child plays in the next room. You can use your clever brains either through notices in places where children – and especially parents! – Are applying or on classifieds and other platforms.

Childcare: You can also look after children and – if possible take your little darling with you. People are often looking for after-school clubs, at weddings, events and much more! However, you should check whether you need to extend your private liability to include childcare, whether you are completely insured through your employer or whether you even need professional liability. The costs are usually reasonable, but we personally wouldn’t do it without it!

Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree
Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

Here Are A Few Ideas For Mini-Jobs For Mothers

Grocery stores, drugstores and other shops are often looking for a helping hand at the checkout, for inventory or to stock the shelves. Sometimes also outside of opening hours, so maybe when your child is sleeping.

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Nanny: Single, working mothers in particular, who may then also work shifts, could possibly use help. As a nanny, for example, you put the children to bed in the evening and then stay there until the parents come or even just stay overnight and get the children ready in the morning. There is definitely the possibility to take your child with you here.

Domestic help: Similar to the nanny, but possibly in a childless household, you can support the clients with their household.

Fighting Spirit Is Required

A large proportion of the apprentices take care of their children alone, some have or had violent partners, some children were taken away by the youth welfare office. Many here are struggling with things that others don’t know. Experts see the chances of the situation of young mothers purely as a result of economic changes. Once you break off your training, the influences are immense, says the labor market. In any case, the view of the future has changed: through the mandatory internships in the course, they have been able to gain initial experience in the companies of their choice.


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