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1.The mouth, which is the beginning of the digestive system, is a very favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms due to its openness to the external environment and contact with food. For this reason, in cases where regular, correct and effective oral and dental care is not performed, diseases in the tissues and teeth in the mouth can cause very important health problems in people. In addition to health, unmaintained mouth and teeth will cause an unpleasant appearance, which negatively affects the social, psychological and physiological quality of life of the individual. In order to have healthy teeth in adulthood, oral and dental care should be done regularly from the emergence of the first teeth in childhood.

The milk teeth, which begin to erupt in infancy and complete their development between the ages of 2 and 3, fall out later and leave their place to the new permanent teeth. There is a misconception among the public that the baby teeth in childhood will already fall out, so they do not require much care. Insufficient attention to oral and dental care in childhood, when milk teeth are present, causes decay and premature loss of milk teeth, negatively affecting the health of permanent teeth.



  1. Dentist İstanbul In adulthood, the superiority of bone formation over bone destruction begins to end around the age of 25, when the adolescence period, when the building activities in the body are quite rapid, ends. For this reason, much more attention should be paid to oral and dental care in order to prevent weakening and loss of teeth. Particular attention should be paid to adequate intake of components such as vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, which are found in milk and dairy products and play a role in dental health.
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In addition to tooth decay in adulthood, the incidence of gum diseases is also quite high. In order to prevent gingival recession and inflammation, plaque that covers the tooth surface and hides under the gingiva should be cleaned regularly. If there is calculus formation, the calculus plaques should be cleaned by applying to the dentist. There are common misconceptions among the public that tooth decay and loss are normal during pregnancy, and that it is inconvenient for pregnant women to have dental treatment. It should not be forgotten that it is possible to prevent tooth decay and loss in mothers who pay due attention to their nutrition and oral care during pregnancy, and that dental treatment can be applied to pregnant women when deemed necessary by the dentist. To protect the health of the work and gums, teeth should be brushed at least 2 times a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush with up and down movements at an angle of 45 degrees.

It should be ensured that the anterior and posterior surfaces of each tooth and the chewing surfaces are adequately brushed.

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