Elevator Guide Rail

The product called elevator is an equipment that is used by almost all people all over the world, from seven to seventy. They can be in many different models and designs. As a matter of fact, elevators are created by combining different materials. As a matter of fact, one of these parts is the elevator guide rail, and it is one of the most vital equipment of the elevator.

What is Elevator Guide Rail?

First of all, it is necessary to explain exactly what the elevator guide rail is. Elevator guide rails are metallic materials used in the interior of the elevator.

They can be processed or cold-drawn, depending on the place of use and/or the customer’s request. Calculations are made according to the number of people in the elevator and they are placed in the interior of the elevator before the cabin is installed. These are substances produced according to relevant standards.

Dimensions and kg of each rail. The values are according to the criteria that must be within tolerance. For example, there are differences in every sense between the 90 gauge elevator guide rail and the 70 gauge guide rail. They are placed on both sides of the well, left and right.

What is the Use of Elevator Guide Rail?

Whether it is a hydraulic, cabin-less, parabolic or freight elevator, elevator guide rails have an extremely important function. This task can be explained as follows:

  • The main functions of the elevator counterweight mounted inside the elevator shaft are to guide the vertical movements of the cabin and to restrict its horizontal movements in parallel.
  • In addition, it is used to stop the elevator car during the operation of the parachute device, which is suddenly activated in necessary situations.
  • As can be clearly seen from the information given, guide rails have an extremely important function for the correct operation of the elevator. It is also one of the major elevator parts that ensures that the elevator remains balanced.
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What are the Types of Elevator Guide Rails?

Elevator guide rails are of three types today. These are type B, type A and type BE. BE type is for specially manufactured fast moving elevators. Production parameters are different in all three. BE type is a type of guide rail that has just started to be produced due to the supply and demand balance.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Elevator Guide Rail?

The first thing to consider when choosing an elevator rail is whether it is produced according to the relevant standards. This product must be obtained from well-known and reliable companies that have proven themselves in their field.

Product quality must be ensured. At this point, the company has no problems with rust, etc. It should be able to provide all kinds of guarantees against problems. It should not be forgotten that an elevator guide rail suitable for the place of use must be provided.

Elevator Guide Rail Prices

Elevator guide rail prices vary depending on the characteristics of the product, the pricing policy of the manufacturer, the sales location and type of the product. Some companies may also offer special discounts for bulk purchases and/or to their customers who work with them regularly. Payment options are available: cash, money transfer to the company number, and card.

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