Injunction meaning in law

In fact, this decision is a decision taken to protect the rights of individuals and institutions during the court process. If it is concerned that obtaining the right will become significantly difficult or completely impossible due to a change that may occur in the current situation, or that an inconvenience or serious damage will occur due to the delay, an injunction may be issued on the subject of the dispute. There are no restrictions on rights in this decision. If the requesting party of the right due to unavailability of a situation that arose in the present case, the use of this right is likely to become difficult or impossible to use now, or if they were going to handle the mismatch between the parties within the time that the request for injunction if there is a possibility of a loss can be accepted.

Can I impose an individual injunction?

No. You can’t do this individually. An application for an injunction must necessarily be submitted to the relevant court by petition. It would be more correct for your lawyer to do this. If this is done individually, it restricts the rights and freedoms of people, and if everyone imposes an injunction on other people at their own request, the courts will not rule. This is not true. In order to take this decision, you may have to pay some fee to the relevant court. These amounts may vary for each court. You can apply before a lawsuit is filed or while the lawsuit is ongoing. When the court concludes this request, it sets a certain period of time and the decision is valid within this period. You cannot have this decision taken by applying to a different court. An application should be made to the court where the case is heard.

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Injunction meaning in law


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