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If you have a business but are not on Instagram, you are missing out on a huge chance. Almost 700 million users are now registered and around 400 million of them are active every day! In other words, Instagram is a key to your business success.



Instagram is all about visual impressions, so you should always use high quality images. Each one is an eye-catcher in itself. In order to be able to put your images in the limelight, various filters and editing tools are available.

No Hard Advertising!

Be cautious about showing off your product or service – Instagram is not the place to be to sell hard. Images with bland descriptions or prompts like buy now will not help you find and retain new followers. Management on Instagram is more than just showing your products. This creates a better connection with your customers and gives you an insight into your company. And you show how your products are created and what they can be used for. The same goes for bloggers and sites: people want to get to know the blogger’s style, who they are and what they do.You can also give your followers insights into your office or workspace. Show what makes your brand unique and stand out from others. It’s interesting to see what’s going on behind the scenes and people are always curious about the unknown.



It’s not just about having as many followers as possible. If you want to build a really successful Instagram page, you need people to interact with your posts and comment on them.Images make the most of Instagram, but picture descriptions are also important. You could ask your followers questions, showing them that you value their opinion.

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Hashtags are the key to getting new followers. In fact, the posts with at least one hashtag have almost 15% more engagement than posts without hashtags. There is an infinite rate of hashtags to choose from ,so be strategic with your choice. But at the same time, they are also very likely to be drowned in a sea of ​​other posts with the same hashtag. Industry tags such as fashion or tech – the number of people reached, but your post is not so easily lost among the others. It is therefore good to use a collection of trend specific and less frequent hashtags in order to reach as many users as possible.

Plan: You should post new posts regularly to get more followers on your profile. Take the time to plan your posts. Research relevant hashtags and prepare what you want to post in the coming week.

Evaluation: With Instagram for business you can evaluate your rates. This is how you can find out which products have been well received and which have not. With a private profile you can check your posts to see what has been liked and commented a lot. And what content your followers were not so active on

September 28, 2023

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