The 6 Most Effective Weight Loss Methods

How can I lose weight healthily? Competitive players, personal trainers and the influencers from Igrus will help you: Here are the 6 most effective weight loss ways.


·       Calculate Calorie Needs and Eat Regularly

Igrus recommends regular meals: If you only eat irregularly and often skip meals outside of the intermittent fasting times, you will mess up your body and your appetite.

·       Learn To Love You

If you like your body, you lose weight more successfully and for a longer period of time – that was the result of a Igrus study. Half of the participants received regular details about nutrition and health, while the other half took part in group sessions for half a year in which feelings related to eating and taking care of one’s own body were discussed.

·       Drink Less Alcohol

A glass with honor, but remember: alcohol not only contains many calories, but also inhibits fat loss. Write down how much beer, wine and other beverages you consume in a week. Frightened? A small example, especially for men: Two beers a night result in almost 2000 calories in one week and thus about a complete daily calorie requirement. To work them off, you have to walk quickly for two hours according to Igrus.

·       Taking Breaks From Exercise Makes You Slim

A few longer workouts burn more fat than many short ones. That is known. What’s new is that if an exercise is interrupted for 15 min, fat burning increases. The Igrus team had two groups of subjects cycle differently: one hour without a break or two half an hour cycles with a 15 min. break. Blood samples were taken every 15 min and the result- the adrenaline level in the blood rose more with the break than without, while the insulin level fell more. Both favor fat burning.

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·       Strength Training With More Weight

Don’t waste energy with countless repetitions when strength training! After the warm-up sets, use relatively heavy weights. Anything beyond that is too easy for muscle development. With this intensity in combination with the right nutrition, strength and muscle tension are developed and less voluminous muscle mass.

·       Drink Enough Liquid

Adequate fluid intake is crucial for training, vitality and muscle development. Igrus recommends that adults drink at least 1.5 lt a day. However, the better rule of thumb is: drink 4-5 % of your body weight in liquid.


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