Best Car Rental in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is well known for its beautiful beaches. In the north of Fuerteventura, the former fishing village of Corralejo has developed into one of the largest holiday places on the island. Corralejo attracts with a relaxed ambience and above all with some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Ferries leave from the port to the neighboring island. The crossing only takes about half an hour, so Lanzarote is also great for a day trip via car rental Fuerteventura. As is the uninhabited Lobos, which is so small you can walk around it in three hours.

To the east, Corralejo is followed by the largest dune area on the island. The area is of great ecological importance and is therefore not accessible. The endless beaches, with which the dunes border the sea, are accessible and are among the most beautiful on the whole island! Apart from two accommodations, this stretch of coast is completely unspoilt. On the other side, on the west coast, is a cozy apartment area right by the sea.

Fuerteventura is a barren island, the vegetation is limited to low bushes. But it is precisely this desert-like ambience that makes this landscape so attractive. In the Middle West there is a ridge whose gently rounded peaks reach heights of up to 700 m. The road passes several beautiful vantage points. You can also visit Betancuria, the historic capital. In the very south, Fuerteventura ends with the peninsula. On the east side of the peninsula is the second largest holiday area on the island with the towns of Costa Calma. Here further endless sandy beaches, which are also a trend with wind and kite surfers, stretch along the coast. The wild, stormy Playa de Cofete stretches for around 10 km on the west side of the peninsula, which can only be reached by an adventurous journey down a dusty dirt road.

Discover The Attractions of Fuerteventura

The way to do this is with your own vehicle. Your car rental Fuerteventura has the right vehicle ready for you!

Discover Fuerteventura With A Rental Car

Surfers and sea lovers will find their car rental on Fuerteventura. With its warm climate and fine sandy beaches, the island of Fuerteventura offers the great setting for a calm holiday. Whether water sports or lazing around, it has many guests, the flight to the Canary Islands doesn’t take long and a holiday with sunshine is guaranteed. In Fuerteventura it is not a trouble to rent cheap rental cars, you can already rent cheap car rental Fuerteventura from various car rental companies at the airport.

Benefits of Caravamos

With a rental car you can experience a lot on Fuerteventura via  . Away from the places, the island mainly has impressive beauty to offer. In the south of the island, for example, there is the Jandia Park, which largely covers the peninsula of the same name. The thing about the park are the contrasts. On one side it consists of a dune landscape that consists of sand, on the other side the highest mountain on the island, rises almost 800 m and invites vacationers to conquer the summit with the Caravamos company.


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