Best Weekender Bag For Men

Are you planning a city trip – maybe to Paris, London or New York? Whether only two or three days, even for a short trip, you don’t need to lug a large suitcase with you for a short time, but your luggage won’t fit in a handbag either. The so-called weekender, also known as an overnighter or weekend bag, is great for a weekend trip or weekend excursion or if you generally want to go on a short holiday and travel light. The weekender bag is not only suitable for a weekend trip, but also for a short business trip or other overnight trips. But before you buy a men’s weekender bag, you should find out what is important with such a bag in our buying guide. A weekender test can also help you to find the model that suits you in terms of appearance and function.


Different Types Of Weekenders At A Glance

In a weekender travel bag, whether it is a weekend bag for men or a weekend bag for women, you can pack clothing and accessories as well as utensils for about two or three days. It is commercially available in numerous different variants, so that you can choose exactly the model that suits your taste in terms of design and color. A weekender is actually nothing more than a small travel bag that is intended for short trips and is somewhere between a suitcase and a handbag in terms of size. This makes it more flexible than a shoulder bag or beach bag when it comes to traveling with it. If you are looking for a piece of hand luggage to take on board for a flight, a weekender bag is suitable for such trips as long as it does not exceed the dimensions prescribed by the airline.

Best Weekender Bag For Men
Best Weekender Bag For Men

Handling and Comfort

In order for the men’s weekender bag to be practical on the go, it is important that they are comfortable to wear. A comfortable, soft carrying handle without sharp edges ensures that you can carry the bag comfortably in your hand. From a certain size, the weight of the weekender bag increases and a shoulder strap that is attached to the bag with carabiners is then the better choice for transport. Metal carabiners are more stable than plastic ones. So that the shoulder strap does not uncomfortably cut into the skin, it should be equipped with padding. It should also be wide rather than narrow and be individually adjustable in length. If the shoulder strap is detachable, you have more flexibility.

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Did you choose the overnighter for its convenience when travelling? If this weekender has wheels, it is especially recommended. Rollers, which are attached either in pairs or in groups of four, make it much easier to pull the bag. Especially at airports, you often have to cover many distance with the bag and thanks to the integrated wheels you can easily pull it behind you. Make sure that the weekender wheels are as smooth-running as possible and are made of stable materials.


A certain stability is required so that the bag does not simply fall over when you put it down. An reinforced bottom part is helpful here so that the weekender bag can be safely placed on the floor.


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