Can You Put Drano In A Toilet

All our lives we are afraid of this one sentence: The toilet is clogged. It can happen so quickly, leftover food or too much paper can quickly clog the toilet. We learn early on that only toilet paper belongs in the toilet. But even those who obediently follow the rules are not necessarily spared.

Can You Put Drano In A Toilet
Can You Put Drano In A Toilet

If the blockage in a pipe cannot be reached directly, the pipe cleaning spiral is used. Depending on the intended use, there are different attachments. It’s that easy: First insert the spiral carefully into the drain pipe. Then, with little pressure, turn through the drain and the siphon into the downpipe. This should clear the clog. Last but not least: Pull the spiral out of the pipe and flush it with plenty of water. Be careful when using electrically powered drain cleaning cables. The pipe can be easily damaged. The spiral often jams in the pipe. If this is the case, turn the spiral in the opposite direction. This helps.

Chemical Pipe Cleaners Like Drano Pollute The Environment

Chemical pipe cleaners like Drano are available as liquids. In any case, they contain high concentrations of alkaline ingredients, which are highly corrosive and thus decompose elements such as hair and fat, thus clearing the drain again. Although biological drain cleaners are better for the environment, they also take notably longer to clear the drain and are often not quite as effective as this cleaners.

Conclusion: Although chemical cleaners work very well, they are also harmful to the environment and care should be taken when handling them.

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