Great Tips For The First Travel

At some point in life comes the first travel abroad without parents or friends. All on your own, you have to organize your trip, jump into the cold water and overcome all obstacles on your own. For many, this time comes right after school. The first time traveling abroad alone can be scary. In order to remedy this, we have some great tips for traveling alone with which you are guaranteed to master every challenge.

First Travel


Be Present, Listen To Your Intuition And Don’t Let Yourself Be Unsettled

If you want to travel alone, everyone has inputs and suggestions. The best tactic here is to learn to say no. Yes, you read correctly. You don’t have to listen to this. Say you like to get in touch if you need advice, but you also like to listen to yourself and other travelers. What good is it to worry about (negative) things that are not there and may never happen! Of course you can prepare yourself- take out travel insurance or pack an alternative mini first-aid kit. Something you learn while traveling is taking personal responsibility and thinking in a solution-oriented manner. If you are present, then nothing happens to you so quickly. This is the best preventive method.

Observe Laws In The Destination Country

We recommend the travellers from the age of 16, ideally combined with a language school or a summer course. Providers such as travel agents take youngsters under the age of 16 to many countries when they present a written parental permit.

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Suitable Travel Destinations

The Department of Foreign Affairs publishes detailed travel information for each country. This is where parents learn that some countries are a stable travel destination. In principle, first travel destinations that are well developed for tourism and have a well-developed public transport network are suitable for young people.


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