How To Clean Marble Shower

Natural stone or marble clad showers and bathrooms are beautiful and very classy. However, you have to invest a little more time in cleaning and care if you have marble stone in the bathroom. And you have to do one thing above all: clean properly. In our guide you will find out which mistakes you should not make when cleaning the marble shower and how to properly care for such showers.

Marble In The Bathroom – What Do I Have To Consider When Cleaning?

Whether granite, sandstone or marble: Strongly cleaners are taboo in any case. This must be taken into account, especially if the water is very hard and traces of limescale spread quickly and clearly. With hard water in the household, limescale quickly settles on a wide variety of surfaces. This not only affects the shower itself, but usually also the vanity top and the floor tiles if it is a marble stone bathroom.

In order to largely avoid traces of limescale, there is only one thing that can be done: Wipe the marble stone shower thoroughly dry after each contact with water. In this way, it is largely possible to prevent limescale from forming at all. The use of commercially available limescale cleaners should be avoided completely! This also applies to the washbasin and floor tiles made of stone.

How To Clean Marble Shower
How To Clean Marble Shower

Moreover, most marbles are also sensitive to strong alkalis. Apart from the fact that such chemicals usually do not dissolve limescale anyway, they should usually not be used to clean dirt when cleaning marble showers.

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Distilled water is a very good and almost neutral means of removing dirt and lighter lime from marble. In addition, you should always only use specific cleaners that are suitable for the marble. You should also refrain from using heavily abrasive or scratching cleaning equipment. Polished stone surfaces are even more sensitive because polishing opens the pores of the stone even further. If cleaned incorrectly, the shine can also be severely dulled. So be very careful here. Layer-forming care products should only be used when the stone surface is already attacked and shows clear signs of wear – they are not suitable as care for new stones and marbles that are still well-preserved.


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