How To Flirt With Your Husband

When you’re flirting with your husband, he shouldn’t come to an end when you’re serious. Follow these ways to flirt with your husband! When we think of flirting, we often picture it between two people who aren’t yet broken. At least flirting only happens at the beginning of a relationship, right? You flirt with someone to say that you are available and interested. That little hint of what’s to come, that glimmer in your eyes, those suggestive comments—they all stop when you’ve actually bagged your man. But knowing how to flirt with your husband is one way to keep the fun alive after the initial spark wears off.

When we’re comfortable with someone in a relationship, it’s easy to drop everything and let ourselves see everything! While it’s great to feel comfortable with your other half, it’s also important for your partner to really get to know you. But if you stop flirting and showing off too much, your relationship will quickly take a turn for the worse.


Keep Something Secret

It’s great when you get to the point where you can feel comfortable around a guy – we all want that. But there’s a difference between feeling like yourself and opening the bathroom door and talking to your boyfriend when you’re in the bathroom. Try to maintain a sense of mystery and dignity. Keep a few things just to yourself. It helps keep that spark alive, and that flirtation comes a lot easier on you too.

Create A Surprise For Him

We’re often told that only women like surprises, but men like them too. Planning an amazing one that you know he’ll just love her and that will surely let him know how much you care and bring a little romance back into your life.

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Try A Suggestive Text 

If you’re not sure how to flirt with your boyfriend face to face, why not give a flirty message a go? Start this path and see how he reacts. You never know, it could all boil down to sexting and you’ll want to rip your clothes off when you see each other again.

Make Him Laugh

Flirting doesn’t always have to be suggestive, sexy and reserved. Flirting should also be fun. Making each other laugh actually brings back a flirty thing to a relationship, so make sure you do lots of fun, silly things together.

Compliment Him

Remember, people like compliments too. Tell him he looks nice and let him know how attractive you find him. This increases his confidence.


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